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Need your carpets cleaned?

There are several different methods of carpet cleaning - steam, dry, shampoo, foam, and perhaps more.

Depending upon the type of carpet you have, the kind of wear it gets, your budget, and the extent to which you can "stay off" the carpet after cleaning, some methods might be better for you than others.

Even then, finding two people in the business that agree upon the "best" method can be a challenge.

To help find the right carpet cleaner for you, be sure to communicate:
  • Is your carpet synthetic or natural?
  • Does it have any stains or is it heavily soiled?
  • Will it be a problem to minimize traffic on the carpet for 8-12 hours after cleaning?
  • How many rooms do you need done?
  • Do you need this done by any particular date?
  • When are you free to supervise the work?